Human, Social, Engineering and Science

KUSEF invites the submission of innovative proposals broadly defined for presentations and publications. 

Human, Psychology, and Philosophy

  • Basic and essential principles of humanity
  • Existentialism
  • A comprehensive study on philosophy 

Society, Economics and Business

  • Human behavior as individuals within society
  • Research on economic and business issues
  • Socioeconomic and financial trends and analyses

Engineering and Technology

  • Discussion of innovative technological methods
  • Investigation of problems arising in our contemporary lives
  • Analysis of new concepts

Computers & Mathematics

  • Creative thought and find inspiration
  • Develop algorithms with creative methodology
  • Creative and rigorous procedures

Science and Medicines

  • Keen observation and analyses
  • Nature and other related matters in life science
  • Alignment to standards

Projects and Awards

  • Category awards are available
  • Poster session and research paper online
  • Papers are reviewed on a rolling basis