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The potential origins of chordal(harmonic) dissonance related with evolutionary psychology(conditioning)

Study on the Correlation Between Natural Polyphenol Molecules and the Effectiveness in Dental Disease Treatment 

Different Political Systems and Their Responses to The Covid-19 Epidemic

Study on the Multiple Capacitors to Enhance Electric Field Strength Using Mathematical Modeling and Computational Analysis

Removing Motion Blur with Generative Adversarial Networks 

Study of the Cevians and Extension of the Stewart’s Theorem

Mouse Subcutaneous Tumor Measurement Set

Does South Korea’s Exporting Success Conflict with its Paris Agreement Goals of Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions by 37%?

Study on the Micronutrients and Their Retention in Water and Plants Using Computational Simulation

Investigating Acute Physiological Effects of Chemicals in Fine Dust to Daphnia magna

Machine Learning based Automatic Invasive Species Identification App for Smartphones

The Effect of Orbital Resonance on the Stability of a Planetary System

The Obelisk in the Piazza: An Exploration of Egyptomania in Rome as Reflected in Art and Architecture in the Age of Antiquity

Generation of Hydrogen and Oxygen Gas from Water Electrolysis Using Solar Energy

Invertebrate Nerve Cord Compression Model

Investigating the Feasibility of Hydroelectric Energy Plant Using Waste Water from Skyscrapers

Superluminality, Decoherence, and the Consequential Cosmic Censorship of Gravitationally Collapsed Systems and Black Holes

Advancements in the Structural Resolution of Bovine Thyroglobulin