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Mouse Subcutaneous Tumor Measurement Set

January 27, 2020


    The human body is made up of millions of cells that generate tissues such as muscles, bones, and skin. Most of the cells of the body grow and reproduce in response to different stimuli and eventually die. If this process occurs normally, the body will stay healthy and maintain its normal function. But the problems start when the normal cells become overproduced and form a cell mass called a tumor.

    Some of these tumors can cause cancers, which have become widespread today. Thus the worldwide cancer research centers have been established. These centers use different methods and technologies for their studies that are developed constantly.

    The purpose of this project is to take a step forward to improve the cancer study. Tumors are masses of cells with increasingly unmanageable cell division. Tumor can develop in different types of tissues and organs of the body. These tumors have several types including benign and malignant tumors which cause cancer in the individual.

This topic has attracted the researchers’ attentions and caused diverse experimental studies around the world. Aiming to measure the tumor in mice, techniques such as using a caliper, fluorescent injections, optical imaging, and MRI, have been employed. We addressed issues such as low test accuracy, high cost, unavailability, aggressiveness, and the problems is caused for the users.