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Superluminality, Decoherence, and the Consequential Cosmic Censorship of Gravitationally Collapsed Systems and Black Holes

October 29, 2019

    This paper attempts to explicate superluminality in the vicinity of strong gravitational fields and thus, proposes a new understanding of cosmic censorship in gravitationally collapsed system, being explicitly explanatory in black holes. The author tries to approach this congruity by devising a thought experiment in which the observability of virtual photons in the vicinity of a hypothetical black hole is investigated.

    Subsequently, this thought experiment is elucidated by Bohmian mechanics, demystifying the fractional cosmic censorship in gravitationally collapsed systems. In this method, photonic reception is explained by how virtual phoons lose coherence and hence, merely show a partial image of a gravitationally induced singularity e.g. a black hole, being concordantly interpreted as image fragmentation. As a result, it could be contemplated that these singularities will be partially censored in formative emissions, complementing the previous cosmic censorship hypothesis. Analogously, the findings of this paper are validated by inspecting the GW170814 receptive event.