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2018 Research Paper Competition Finalists (USA, Category A)

October 06, 2018

2018 FINALISTS - 2018 Research Paper Competition Finalists (USA, Category A)

Congratulations on being a finalist of the KUSEF Research Paper Competition 2018!

This year, we have chosen 10 projects as finalists.  These 10 students or teams participate in a PowerPoint presentation competition where they present their work to the judges.

Listed below are the finalists of the annual KUSEF Poster/PowerPoint Presentation Competition.



Alisa Rahim
A New Ring Theory-Based Algorithm and Stopping Criterion for Image Segmentation

Rebecca Vitenzon
How the Space Theory Transformed the History Discipline

Noel Cercizi                                                                                                      
Assessment of Lake Water Quality and Quantity Using Satellite Remote Sensing

Sidney Armstrong and Ethan Merrill
Can Acids and Eggshells be used as an Effective Fertilizer?

Amy Cotter
The Effect of Black Carbon on Antibiotic Resistance

Meghana Avvaru                                                                                                           
An Economical Approach for Detecting Water to Prevent Public Drinking Water Crisis

Remy Wu                                                                             
Oxidizing and Reducing Agents on the Amount of Chemiluminescence Produced

Anusha Murali and Evan Chandran 
Efficient Space Junk Removal Using a Genetic Algorithm

Eric Jiefei Deng                                                                                                          
Holistic Evaluation of the Legacies of Soviet Language Policies

Deepika Kurup 
Novel Photocatalytic Composites for Removing Multiple Classes of Toxins from Water