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2018 Award Winners (USA, Category A) - Research Paper Competition

October 20, 2018

2018 WINNERS - USA-Category A: Research Paper Competition

Congratulations! We're excited to announce this year's annual award winners at our 2018 KUSEF Research Paper Competition below. We wish you the best in all your future endeavors as you continue to grow as innovative scholars.

Gold (1st Place):
Rebecca Vitenzon

Silver (2nd Place):
Noel Cercizi                                                                                                      
Remy Wu

Bronze (3rd Place):
Alisa Rahim
Amy Cotter
Meghana Avvaru                                                                                                           
Sidney Armstrong and Ethan Merrill                                                                          
Anusha Murali and Evan Chandran 
Eric Jiefei Deng                                                                                                          
Deepika Kurup