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2019 Poster/PowerPoint Presentation Competition Finalists

October 23, 2019

2019 FINALISTS - Poster/PowerPoint Presentation Competition

Congratulations on being a finalist of the KUSEF Poster/PowerPoint Presentation Competition 2019!

This year, we have chosen 12 projects as finalists.  These 12 students or teams participate in a PowerPoint presentation competition where they present their work to the judges.

Listed below are the finalists of the annual KUSEF Poster/PowerPoint Presentation Competition.


Bea Kim
Christopher Jeongchan Lee 
Dae Sung Kim, Jun Young Oh, Hyeon Seob Lee (Team Project)
Jayden Lee, Nathan Cho, Hoonie Chae (Team Project)
Ji Yae No, Woosung Kim (Team Project)
Joohyun Cha
Justin Choi
Justin So
Kevin Lee
Louis Sungwoo Cho
Nicholas Baik
Yoonjeong Kwon