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2019 Award Winners - Poster/PowerPoint Presentation Competition

October 26, 2019

2019 Award Winners - Poster/PowerPoint Presentation Competition

Congratulations!  We're excited to announce this year's winners at our 2019 KUSEF below. 

Listed below are the winners of the annual KUSEF Poster/PowerPoint Presentation Competition.  We wish you the best and much success in all your future endeavors as you continue to grow as researchers and innovative scholars.

 Grand Prize (대상)
Justin Choi

 Gold (1st Place, 최우수상)
Dae Sung Kim, Jun Young Oh, Hyeon Seob Lee (Team Project)
Jayden Lee, Nathan Cho, Hoonie Chae (Team Project)

 Silver (2nd Place, 우수상)
Bea Kim
Ji Yae No, Woosung Kim (Team Project)
Joohyun Cha
Nicholas Baik

 Bronze (3rd Place, 장려상)
Christopher Jeongchan Lee
Justin So
Kevin Lee
Louis Sungwoo Cho
Yoonjeong Kwon