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2022 PowerPoint Presentation/Research Paper Competition - Finalists

October 24, 2022

 2022 FINALISTS  - PowerPoint Presentation/Research Paper Competition 

Congratulations on being a finalist in the PowerPoint Presentation/Research Paper/Photo Images Competition 2022! We wish you the best and much success in all your future endeavors as you continue to grow as student researchers and innovative scholars.


Alexander Wang  

Alie S. Lee

Alp Mazman

Andrew R. Lee

Dohyun Ahn

Ethan C. Chung

Hanna Y. Cho

Heidi H. Yoo

Hoyeol Baek

Ian H. Choi

Isabel G. Louie

Jaeseon Hwang

Kevin J. Choi

Minjun Kim


Robin Young

Siwoo Chang

Stephen C. Kim

Yeon Woo Jang

Yoonjung Choi

Yutae Hwang

Zeynep Leyla Akin